Capital Improvements Advisory Committee


Meetings are held biannually.


  • Yolanda Shepard
  • Vacant
  • Debbie Anderson
  • Sherry Williams
  • Claude McBride, Sr.
  • Sheila Lynn
  • Ron Abraham
  • Jim Andrews
  • Vacant
  • Dorothy Patterson, Alternate No. 1
  • Millie Arnold, Alternate No. 2

About the Committee

The Capital Improvements Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity and is established to advise and assist the city in adopting land use assumptions, review the capital improvements plan and file written comments, monitor and evaluate implementation of the capital improvements plan, file semiannual reports to the city and advise the city of the need to update or revise the land use assumptions, capital improvements plan and impact fee. 

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Armstrong, Director of Planning and Development Services, at 972-216-6345.