Backflow Prevention

Required as part of the building codes is a backflow device to eliminate the backflow or cross contamination of the water system. Backflow is the undesirable reversal of the flow of water in a potable water distribution system as a result of a cross connection. In other words, water flow going in the wrong direction. These devices are typically found on irrigation systems, restaurants, dentist offices, etc.

How Cross Connection Happens
Even at your own home, you can unwittingly create a cross connection by:
  • Putting the garden hose in a swimming pool to fill it up
  • Putting the garden hose in a pet's water bucket to fill it up, or the fish tank
  • Putting the garden hose down the drain to flush out debris when it's backed up
  • Connecting your garden hose to a plant fertilizer or bug spray unit
Backflow Prevention Assemblies
Approved backflow prevention assemblies must be installed to comply with the City of Mesquite Ordinance No. 3325 as well as State and Federal Environmental Laws. All backflow prevention assemblies must be tested upon installation and thereafter annually by a licensed backflow tester, excluding residential assemblies which require testing upon installation.

A fee of $25 per year, per assembly, will be charged by the City of Mesquite for annual inspections and will be included on your monthly water bill in the month of your annual inspection. This fee is in addition to any testing charges by the backflow tester.

A licensed backflow tester registered with the City of Mesquite (see list below) may perform this test. The backflow tester must contact the Public Works Backflow Inspector prior to testing at 972-216-6947 to arrange a testing appointment. The Inspector must be present to observe the testing.

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