Fine Schedule & Forms

Deferred Disposition Administrative Fee

Fines Effective January 1, 2010

Speeding Violations

 MPH Over Limit  Regular Zone  School Zone
1-4 $197 $247
5-9 $222 $297
10-14 $247 $344
15-19 $272 $344
20+ $319 $344


Other Violations

Type of Violation Fee
No driver's license
Expired driver's license*
No seat belt / driver
Running stop sign
Expired registration***
Running red light
No liability insurance**** $317

  • A citation for an expired driver’s license may be dismissed if you bring proof to the court that you renewed your license within twenty calendar days from the date of the offense. You must also pay a $20 dismissal fee.
  • A citation for no driver’s license in possession can be dismissed when proof of a valid license is provided to the court. There will be a $10 administrative fee for this dismissal.
  • A citation for no proof of financial responsibility (insurance) may be dismissed if you present proof to the court that your financial responsibility (insurance) was in effect on the date and time of the offense.
  • A citation for operating a vehicle with expired registration may be dismissed if proof of renewal and payment of late penalty fee is presented to the court no later than 20 working days from the date of the citation. There will be a $20 dismissal fee.

For More Information

Please call 972-216-6206 for fine amounts on violations not listed.