Proper Grease Disposal

The City of Mesquite asks residents to keep leftover grease and food scraps out of the drain. Fats, oils and grease (FOG), the residue left over from cooking meats that hardens after it cools, can cause problems when poured down the drain and clog pipes in your home.

Prevent Clogs & Backups

 FOG and debris poured down drains can build up in drain lines and cause backups in both private and the city maintained sewer system. You can avoid expensive plumbing repairs and damage to the sewer system by following a few simple rules:
  • Before washing, scrape or wipe cooled grease or fat from all dishware and cookware and put in the trash.
  • Avoid using the garbage disposal. Putting food scrapes down the drain or disposal can clog your pipes faster.
  • Small amounts of grease, such as meat drippings, can be soaked up with a paper towel and put in to the trash. Or, pour or scrape grease into a sturdy closed-lid container, like a coffee can, and dispose of it in the trash

    To download "Defend Your Drains" flier please click here..