BW versionA dynamic partnership of citizens and the City of Mesquite has resulted in a powerful new force revitalizing the historic heart of the city. From the process of envisioning a successful downtown to hiring staff to achieving Texas Main Street Program designation, the partnership has been putting together all of the elements necessary to create a vital downtown that is authentic, vibrant and a point of pride for the community.

Downtown Development Timeline

Significant progress is being made on the revitalization of Downtown Mesquite! Though successful revitalization is not accomplished overnight, we are happy to say new activities, new programming and new business development is already occurring even though our program is still in its beginning stages. Below you will see a timeline of some of the most significant achievements of the past few months.


These highlights are the result of very concentrated effort on the part of citizen volunteers and City of Mesquite staff. On the near horizon are more business development tools, events, downtown design improvements, Front Street infrastructure and streetscape improvements and more. Stay tuned!