Small Business Development

Whether you're an entrepreneur with dreams of opening your own business or you're a small business owner with a desire to grow your enterprise, the City of Mesquite is here to help you!

Our Economic Development staff is highly experienced in working with all types of small businesses, whether you're a Mom and Pop store, or a service business with a small workforce, we can help. In addition, we work closely with a large number of partners who can help you with your small business needs, whether it be creating a business plan or strategizing an expansion.

Below you'll find a small sampler of services available to you:

  • Connection to business planning services
  • Demographic information to help you hone in on target markets
  • Locating employees perfect for your business
  • Employee development resources
  • Grants and incentives as applicable
  • Information on available properties
  • Workshops and educational opportunities
  • Networking opportunities

...and more! We can work with you on customizing services that send you on your way to success!

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