Preventing Sewer Backups

All wastewater generated from drains and toilets in Mesquite is transported through the City sewer mains and treated at the South Mesquite Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. It is a huge task to screen and treat this wastewater.  Our system (and your pipes) can be damaged when fats, oils, or grease (F.O.G.) are poured into drains or when toilets are used for flushing anything other than toilet paper. Toilet paper is designed to breakdown quickly to prevent pipes from clogging. "Flushable wipes" do not breakdown like toilet paper and can clog your pipes and cause huge problems for the City's sewer system.  Flushing anything else (wipes, dental floss, cotton swabs, sanitary products, etc.) can lead to plumbing problems at home, in the sewer mains, and at the treatment plant. 

To prevent sewer blockages or backups, please dispose of FOG properly and only flush toilet paper. If you have a sewer blockage, please contact the Utilities Division immediately at 972-216-6278. The City of Mesquite Utilities Department thanks you for your help in preventing sewer system blockages.

Defend Your Drains:

  • Do NOT use your toilet as a trash can.  Only flush human waste and toilet paper.
  • Scrape grease and food scraps from all eating and cooking surfaces and dispose of in the trash. Also garbage disposals only shred food into smaller pieces and do not prevent grease from going down the drain. When possible, avoid using it and put food scraps in your trash.
  • Never put paper towels, cleaning cloths/rags, or items labeled "flushable" down the toilet. Defend your drains by disposing of these products in the trash.

For additional information visit the Defend Your Drains North Texas website.

Prevent Costly Sewer Backups
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