The wastewater collection system is designed to carry wastewater from City of Mesquite homes and businesses through the City’s network of underground sewer pipes and is treated at the South Mesquite Wastewater Treatment Plant operated by the North Texas Municipal Water District.

The Sewer Division operates and maintains over 485 miles of pipes, 5,535 manholes, and 5 lift stations.  They also manage the City’s preventive maintenance program to maximize system performance and prevent costly repairs.  Preventative maintenance includes:

Visual Inspection: crews regularly check manholes, frames, and covers for cracks, breaks, or missing parts.

TV Inspection of Sewer Mains: camera inspections are used to locate blockages and other sewer problems. Cameras are lowered into a manhole and pulled through the sewer line to identify the exact location of an obstruction or leak.

Jet/Vacuum Cleaning: sewer lines are rinsed with a high-pressure water hose to remove blockages, roots, or other debris.  The debris is then removed with a high-powered vacuum. 

Prevent sewer backups final

Sewer Camera Truck

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