Skyline Drive Phase 1 - Town East Boulevard to Peachtree

Approved Design:  After extensive input from the public at various meetings and surveys, City Council selected the option that the existing four-lane section road will be reconstructed as follows:

  • Four-lane divided roadway section. This segment will also have an 8-foot high screening wall next to the residential homes and alley, the roadway will shift away from the homes to provide a significantly larger buffer between the homes and new roadway and a 12-foot wide trail between the roadway and the screening wall.
  • The roadway will have a heavy-duty reinforced concrete pavement designed to accommodate heavy truck traffic.
  • In addition there will be extensive water, sanitary sewer and drainage improvements along the length of the project.

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Project History and Public Input Process:  The Town East Boulevard design project began in February of 2018. As we progressed through several design options it was obvious that some consideration had be given to Skyline Drive. Staff engaged our engineering design firm to develop several preliminary schematics of Skyline Drive to be included in the upcoming public hearing. Both Town East and Skyline preliminary design options would be presented at this meeting with a separate presentations for each roadway. 

City staff publicized both upcoming projects in numerous formats. Staff put signs in the neighborhood, posted information related to the project on multiple social media sites, and sent out over 1,100 letters and surveys to residents most affected by this project to notify them of the upcoming project. The intent of the notifications and surveys was to gauge citizen opinions related to the upcoming reconstruction projects.

Timeline of the Public Notification Process:

  • February 27,  2018 – Public Meeting at Rugel Elementary School
  • First Survey Mailed to Residents
  • April 16, 2018 – Public Input and Survey Presented to City Council
  • Second Survey Mailed to Residents
  • May  17, 2018 – Public Meeting at Rugel Elementary School
  • May 21, 2018 – Public Input and Survey Presented to City Council

Four design options were presented at the first public hearing. The Option A was a three-lane undivided section, Option B was a four-lane undivided section, Option C was a divided four-lane section and the last Option D was to reconstruct the existing four-lane roadway in the same configuration.

Staff presented the new survey results to Council that more clearly described the view of the residents. Residents were asked to rank specific elements to be considered in the design for Skyline Drive. Based on the results the residents preferred to have Option C. This is the new divided four-lane section shifted to the south side of the right-of-way to provide the maximum buffer distance between the industrial traffic and the residential neighborhood. This shift will also allow the design to include a 12-foot wide multi-use pedestrian trail, amenities, landscaping, and an eight-foot screening wall to adjacent to the residential properties. The newly paved roadway will have a thick concrete pavement section to withstand the heavy truck traffic. 

Tentative Schedule: Project is not currently under design at this time. Design is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2020. For further information or questions, please contact John Mears, PE, Assistant City Engineer, at 972-329-6974 or

Skyline - Town East First Survey Letter

View the presentation shown at the public meeting.

View a video of the public meeting regarding Skyline Drive.

View the survey results presented to the City Council on April 16, 2018.

Skyline - Town East Second Survey Letter

Watch a video of the second survey results being presented to the City Council on May 21, 2018

Options considered during the Public Input process - For reference only 

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