Neighborhood Vitality

The mission of the Office of Neighborhood Vitality is to create a level of engagement and participation to connect local Mesquite residents to the appropriate resources in order to maintain safe and sustainable neighborhoods.

We ask that local residents become involved by ensuring their neighborhood is registered as a Neighborhood Group.



The purpose of Neighborhood Leaders is to serve as neighborhood conduits for setting and meeting neighborhood goals. These residents are volunteers who facilitate the recruitment of additional volunteers within the neighborhood. Exercising consistent and common Neighborhood Practices will assist with stabilizing and maintaining a safe and healthy neighborhood. There is an ethical responsibility to your neighborhood as well as the City organization as it is relevant in taking on the role as a Neighborhood Leader.


2019 Workshop Schedule and Registration 
Thursday, April 18 / Rutherford Recreation Center
Conducting Neighborhood Meetings & Mediation Tools

Thursday, June 20 / Florence Recreation Center
Neighborhood Organizational & Leadership Skills

Thursday, September 5 / Florence Recreation Center
Conducting Neighborhood Meetings & Mediation Tools

Duties / Responsibilities

  1. Register your Neighborhood Group
  2. Complete a Neighborhood Plan and recruit Block Leaders for Block Leader Action Plan.
  3. Host at least one annual event per calendar year to engage neighbors.
  4. Provide a communication tool for all neighbors wishing to stay informed about your neighborhood. E.g. Social Media, Nextdoor, newsletter
  5. Recruit neighbors to participate in City of Mesquite’s HOME Program as well as Addressing Mesquite Day.
  6. All Neighborhood Leaders are required to attend annual workshops.
  7. The Neighborhood Toolkit will assist in ensuring common practices are performed. Note: There will be additional information provided on an annual or as needed basis to assist in your success as a Neighborhood Leader.
Neighborhood Toolkit Resources


Neighborhood Toolkit
Herramientas de Ética para el Vecindario
Block Leader Plan
Plan de Acción del Líder de la Cuadra
Neighborhood Leader Role

Consider a Neighborhood Walk

  • Distribute a Flyer
  • Neighbors 
  • Get Specific
  • Encourage T-Shirt(Same color shirts and/or name of the neighborhood)
  • T-Shirt Research and Distribution
  • Select a Route
  • New Neighbors

For more information or questions, email