Become a Foster Parent for a Shelter Pet

Why Should You Foster?

DISCOVER:  Being in a home brings out the pet's personality, raising their chance of adoption.

TRANSITION:  Interaction with families, and even other pets, enhances their social skills.

LEARN: This is a great opportunity to find out if you and your family are ready for a pet.

SAVE:  By fostering you are adding to the success of Mesquite's live release rate and opening up space for more animals to stay at the shelter past their hold date. Fostering one pet actually saves TWO LIVES (or more)!
Our Greatest Foster Needs Include:
  • Animals that are too young to spay or neuter
  • New Mothers and their litters
  • Orphaned Puppies and Kittens that need to be bottle fed
  • Animals that are sick or injured and need a quieter place to recover and some extra TLC


Email the completed application to:

All foster parents must be complete the foster application and be approved by shelter staff.

Keep in mind that foster homes must meet the following qualifications:
  • All pets in the home must be current on all standard vaccinations
  • Fostering a pet must not put you in excess of the number of pets allowed by your local municipal ordinances, home owners association or lease agreement.
  • You must own your home or have permission from your landlord to foster a pet.