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Texas Area Artist Exhibition

This mixed-media, collaborative exhibition is presented by the Texas Area Artists. 

Looking for a place to appreciate local art that gives back? Well, look no further! The Texas Area Artists are dedicated to assisting and educating adults who have a passion for creating art. Open to all ages and abilities, the Texas Area Artists are a local group of art lovers who are committed to one thing; spreading their passion for art to others! 

If you or someone you know loves art and is interested in joining this group, they meet the 2nd Monday of every month at 11 a.m. for a paint-in. For more information, you can contact Judy Emig at 214-566-8269.

The exhibit is free.

Texas Area ArtistsExhibit

Artists wishing to exhibit at the Mesquite Arts Center:

Contact Lindsay Graves at 972-216-8132