Art Gallery

Rachel Muldez | Hello Andromeda | January 6 - March 28 | Main Gallery 


Please join us from January 6 - March 28 as we welcome Dallas based visual artist Rachel Muldez. As a small child, Muldez spent hours picking up rocks and seeds to build homes for small creatures or simply make designs on the ground. With a wealth of knowledge and continual study of our world and the cosmos, Muldez now works with nature to accurately reflect her personal aesthetic and naturalist theories.

Jennifer Wester | Cutting Loops | January 6 - February 22 | Chamber Gallery 

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Join Dallas-based artist and Mesquite vendor artist Jennifer Wester on her intellectual quest to understand her life-long passion for ice skating. Jennifer holds a degree in the intersection of Computer Science and Fine Art from Yale University. And is currently pursuing a Master Degree in Fine Art at Southern Methodist University. Prior to becoming an artist, she competed at the Olympic-level for Team USA as a figure skater. Injury forced Wester to retire from competitive athletics in 2010 and simultaneously started her critical analysis of her life’s passion for ice skating--what most would consider an inhospitable environment with unimaginable physical challenges. This investigation led her to numerous revelations that have since fueled her artistic practice and projects. From light and shadow to sound and the consequences of movement, Wester brings otherwise unacknowledged factors in the shaping of her life to focus through her art.

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