Butterfly Trail

The City of Mesquite, Keep Mesquite Beautiful and our generous sponsors would like to welcome you to the Butterfly Trail extension of the Bruton Park – Travis Williams Greenbelt System.

The habitats represented on this trail are home to many local species of plants and animals. We hope you will take a moment to see the beauty of the native trees, plants and wildflowers; listen to the sounds of the insects, birds and butterflies; and observe the impact you can have on the environment through conservation. This trail is maintained, in part, by volunteers who study butterflies and are educated in management of invasive species. Their work allows us to maintain a healthy habitat for butterflies to live and reproduce. As a result, the no-mow areas you see may not reflect a well-manicured beauty you are accustomed to seeing. At the end of each season, the areas are mowed once to prevent the growth of woody species.