Severe Weather Central

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Think. Prepare. Act.

When severe weather strikes, every second counts. Be prepared for emergencies before they occur and know how to react when severe weather develops. The City of Mesquite Office of Emergency Management encourages citizens to follow the KnoWhat2Do preparedness program – Think. Prepare. Act. Be aware, be prepared and know how to react. Familiarize yourself with the following links and information before severe weather hits.

KnoWhat2Do. Think. Prepare. Act Guidebook
¡Sepa Qué Hacer! Piense. Preparese. Actue. Guía
Severe Weather Safety
Seguridad en Clima Extremo
Emergency Phone Numbers & Preparedness Links
Emergency Notifications
Watches vs. Warnings
Mesquite Outdoor Warning System
Sheltering in an Emergency
Weather Hazards
Emergency Supply Kits for all Family Members
Just for Kids Preparedness

Images courtesy of the NOAA Photo Library.