Code Ambassadors

The next Code Ambassador Program Orientation will be held on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. at the Florence Recreation Center located at 2501 Whitson Way, Mesquite TX.   Anyone who wishes to get information for Code Ambassadors can attend the orientation. Registration for the next Code Ambassador Session is October 18 through October 25 and may be done by contacting the Environmental Code Division in person at 1515 N Galloway Ave. by phone at 972-329-8704 or email at Classes will follow, beginning October 25, 2022, at 6:00 p.m.

The Mesquite Code Ambassadors program is a volunteer-based program created to assist code enforcement officers with specific code violations. The program enlists the help of citizen volunteers called "Mesquite Code Ambassadors" to identify code violations throughout the community. The program is under the supervision of the Neighborhood Services Department.

Volunteers must undergo background checks and commit to six hours per month of volunteer time before participating in the program. Multiple training classes and mandatory ride-outs with code enforcement officer are also required. Once trained, Code Ambassadors survey assigned neighborhoods in City-provided vehicles for code violations view-able from the right-of-way. Volunteers are not authorized to survey neighborhoods where they reside.

The core purpose of the program is to utilize Code Ambassadors to identify distinct code violations, providing code inspectors additional time to address more complex and chronic violations. Examples of violations that volunteers will be tasked to identify include:

  • weeds or overgrown vegetation that are health, fire and security hazards
  • excessive accumulations of trash and debris in visible areas
  • parked vehicles on lawn areas
  • unauthorized sales or yard sales with new product
  • auto repair and unapproved business activities in neighborhoods
  • lack of ornamental vegetation maintenance
  • unauthorized posting of signs on street signs, utility poles or in the right-of-way
The city currently has 10 code inspectors and one field supervisor that cover 46 square-miles of Mesquite's geographical boundaries. Last year, code officers identified 16,674 violations and responded to another 4,381 violations reported by citizens.

We have administrative tasks and routine inspections that can also be conducted. 

For more information, contact the Environmental Code Division at 972-329-8704.