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Real. Texas. Roads
is the program name for the road repairs funded by the $125 million bond sale. Real. Texas. Roads. signage will be used to identify projects funded by the bond election to notify citizens where and how this revenue is being spent.

Real. Texas. Roads. Updates

Interactive Road Map
- Click the Interactive Road Map link for real-time status updates of those streets to be repaired and their current phase of construction. Also, get contact information for the inspector assigned to a street and ask questions or communicate a concern. Or, email our Streets Division to allow staff to respond to your questions.

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Optimized Pavement Reconstruction Process

The City of Mesquite Public Works Department developed the Optimized Pavement Reconstruction Process. This new process will be used in many of the street repairs. The process cost about 60% of the traditional method of removing and replacing streets. Also, this process allows streets to be repaired in less than 90 days, which is about half of the estimated time for traditional reconstruction.
Watch the videos here to learn more. English and Spanish

Overview of Mesquite Residential and Arterial Streets

The funds raised through the sale of bonds will be used to repair residential streets only. Residential streets are defined as those streets intended for local and short-distance travel that are lightly trafficked with lower speed limits. Grade 4 residential streets will be addressed first. The City’s Public Works Department annually reviews the quality of streets based on various factors. Each street is given a grade of 1 (Good), 2 (Satisfactory), 3 (Fair) and 4 (Poor).

Arterial and collector streets typically carry significant amounts of traffic, much of it having longer trip distances requiring somewhat higher speeds. Repairs to non-residential and arterial streets, such as Galloway Avenue, are paid for with other funding sources and through financial participation with other entities such as Dallas County. Highway repair and improvements are the responsibility of the state or the federal government.

Click here to view a map of streets and alleys graded from 1 (good) to 4 (poor).
Click here for additional instructions on using the map.
Click here to view a static map of the streets. 
Click here to view a static map of the alleys.
Click here to view a map on all the other road projects currently in progress through Mesquite.

Selection Process
Grade 4 residential streets in the worst condition will be addressed first. Street repairs will also be selected in groups for efficient construction, reducing overall construction costs and increasing the number of miles of streets repaired. Other factors which include safety conditions, traffic counts, locations near traffic generators such as schools, and condition of underground utilities must also be considered. Underground utilities due for repair or replacement must be completed before any street improvements occur.

General Construction Sequence
Once a group of roads has been selected for repairs, the following sequence of events will occur:

  • Residents adjacent to streets scheduled for repair will be notified by mail.
  • City staff will notify residents of streets to be repaired with project details, such as planned construction phasing and parking restrictions.
  • Project signs will be posted in work areas.
  • Construction schedule as follows:
    • pavement lifting
    • localized concrete repair work (as needed)
    • surface grinding and new surface construction (if street if scheduled for complete rehabilitation)
    • project cleanup and final repair work
Future Selection of Streets to be Repaired
Subsequent groups of streets will be identified during the annual City Council budget process with 10 miles of streets expected to be repaired each year for the next 10 years. In the interim, residents should contact the Streets Division with immediate repair needs. If you notice a problem with a street or alley, please use this link: Request for Street Services to report it, or call 972-216-6282.

June 2018 -

 On June 4, the City Council received preliminary results of an independent study conducted by the architectural and engineering firm CP&Y on the City’s concrete reconstruction method used in the Real. Texas. Roads. program. The study was conducted at the Council's request and noted the City's current process reflects a 94 percent success rate with significant cost savings. The study also included alternate designs and an explanation of the unique factors which can contribute to the wear on Mesquite’s roads.

Watch a broadcast of the presentation.

May 2018 - 

The following streets have been approved and selected by Council for repairs in the third year of the Real.Texas.Roads. Bond program: Lee Street, Mark Drive, Mood Drive, Morgan Circle, Northridge Drive, Northview Drive, Redmill Lane, Rockne Lane, Royal Crest Drive, Shorewood Drive, Sidney Drive, Statler Drive, Summitt Street and Willowbrook Drive.

September 2017

- The following streets are in the second phase of repairs, localized concrete repair: Sandpiper Lane, Spiceberry Lane, Bobwhite Boulevard, Sesame Drive, Mockingbird Trail, Skylark Drive, Catalina Drive, Emily Drive, Mayda Drive, Lou Ann Drive, Wise Drive, Hula Drive and Bonita Vista Circle. Streets nearing completion with only miscellaneous repairs and clean up remaining include: Palm Drive, Bahamas Drive and Emerald Drive. In addition, repairs to Canary Circle, Starling Drive, Bluebird Lane, Whipporwill Drive, Cardinal Court, Sesame Place, Harlan Drive and Byrd Drive have been completed. 

July 2017 -

Repairs to the first set of residential streets have been completed with 26 streets reconstructed. In addition, the following streets selected for the second year of the program are nearing completion with only miscellaneous repairs and clean up remaining: Canary Circle, Starling Drive, Bluebird Lane, Whipporwill Drive, Cardinal Court, Sesame Place and Byrd Drive. 

3/30/17 -

The pavement milling portion of the surface reconstruction phase of the Real. Texas. Roads project began this week on sections of Bahamas, Byrd, Harlan, and Palm. 

March 2017

Texas Town & City magazine publishes article on Real. Texas. Roads. program. Read "Funding 100 Miles of Innovation Real Texas Road."

- Construction starts on the second list of residential streets to be repaired with bond funds. View a map of the streets selected. 

- To celebrate completion of the first set of streets repaired, the City hosted a free Real. Texas. Roads. Cook-Out to show their appreciation to the Northridge neighborhood for their support throughout the process. City staff grilled hot dogs while neighborhood children played Texas-sized yard games. In addition, City Councilmembers offered a meet and greet

- The City Council finalized the second list of residential streets to be repaired with bond funds. These streets include: Canary, Starling, Bluebird, Sandpiper, Whipporwill, Cardinal, Bobwhite, Sesame, Mockingbird, Skylark, Palm, Flamingo, Aloha, Tiki, Viva, Bahamas, Catalina, Emerald, Margo, Byrd, Emily, Mayda, Lou Ann, Wise, Hula and Harlan. View a map of the streets selected.

- Read a letter to residents from City Manager Cliff Keheley on the street bond program.

- The pavement milling portion of the surface reconstruction phase has been completed on Caribbean, Hogan, Kiamesha and Nabholtz streets in section A; and Andrew, Barbara, Midway, Hillcrest and Northridge streets in section B. Currently, pavement is being poured on portions of Caribbean, Hogan, Kiamesha, and Nabholtz streets in section A; and Andrew, Barbara, Midway and Northridge streets in section B. Streets where localized concrete repair is currently occurring are Belmont, Crest Park, Crestridge, Juanita and Ridgeview.

6/1/16 -

Surface reconstruction begins. Sections of Barbara Street, Midway Street, Northridge Street, and Andrew Street have moved into the surface reconstruction phase. This phase will take an estimated 35 days to complete for each street.

3/28/16 -

Construction starts on first streets to be repaired. The initial phase includes pavement lifting, which entails the injection of polyurethane foam under the street to fill voids and stabilize the soil for support of the paved surface. Contractors have started work on those streets in need of pavement lifting and will continue this work throughout the project. Notices providing City contact and construction information were delivered to all residents of those streets to be repaired this year.

3/21/16 -

Council breaks ground for repairs and approves 2016 bond sale. The City Council and Citizens' Street Bond Committee break ground for repairs to begin. The 2016 bond sale approved includes the first $25 million of street bonds for the Real. Texas. Program. The City received excellent interest rates on the 2016 bond sale due to strong bond ratings from Standard & Poors' and Moody's. Click here to watch a video discussion of the 2016 bond sale and rates.


3/7/16 - 

Further construction contracts awarded. The Mesquite City Council awarded three construction contracts at the March 7 City Council. The contracts include miscellaneous concrete work, pavement milling and surface reconstruction of the first residential streets selected for repairs.

2/15/16 -
First construction contract awarded. The Mesquite City Council awarded the first construction contract to begin repairs in the Real. Texas. Roads. program. The contract was awarded to Nortex for the first phase of construction - pavement lifting.


First streets to be repaired identified. On January 4, 2016 the City Council finalized the first list of residential streets to be repaired. Click here to see a map of the streets. These residential streets were selected due to their poor condition, the close proximity of the streets and that no underground utility repairs will be needed. Repairs to the first group of streets are expected to begin in early March and be completed in 10 - 12 months. Repairs will also include sidewalk and curb repairs where needed. Alley reconstruction is not included.

11/3/15 -
Mesquite voters approve bond sale. On November 3, 2015 the Mesquite City Council called for a special election to ask citizens to consider a $125 million bond proposition to repair more than 100 miles of Grade 4 residential streets throughout the community. Mesquite voters approved the proposition by over 84%. Click here to see election results.

If you have any questions about this program or you notice a problem with a street or alley, please use this link:
Request for Street Services to report it, or call 972-216-6282.