Impact Fees

In 2013, the City of Mesquite began the process of updating the Impact Fee Program. The first impact fee program administered by the City was in 1996. This was later updated in 2003 and once again in 2008. Previous impact fees only assessed impact on Roadway and did not include Water and Sewer. The purpose of this update was to assess the existing program and determine what changes, if any should be made.

An impact fee is a cost imposed by the City for the purpose of having private developments to pay for their share of infrastructure cost demanded as a result of their projects, as well as to provide revenue to fund other infrastructure projects. Adoption and administering an impact fee program by a city is governed by Chapter 395 of the Texas Local Government Code. 

A copy of the Impact Fee Handbook and the Water & Sewer Impact Fee Calculation Worksheet are available for download below:

*All fees are preliminary and are not set until an application is submitted.