Logistics Hub Overlay District


On June 22, 2015, the Planning and Zoning Commission will hear a presentation from Planning Staff on a number of issues related to the proposed overlay district.  Affected property owners will have the opportunity to hear the presentation and ask questions.  Following the meeting, Staff will create a draft overlay ordinance, which will be available beginning July 2 on this website.  The Commission will review the draft on July 13 for possible action.  The ordinance will most likely be forwarded to the City Council for possible action on July 20.

The FAQ below gives a sense of the rationale behind the overlay and may address some concerns as to how certain uses will be affected.  If you have a specific question or concern regarding the overlay, please contact Richard Gertson, Director of Community Development, at 972-216-6346.

Final Ordinance
At the July 20, 2015 City Council Meeting, City Council approved the adoption of the Skyline Logistics Hub Overlay District. The following link contains the regulations associated with this Zoning Overlay District. If you have further questions about the new zoning overlay district, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department.

Skyline Logistics Hub Overlay District

Public Hearings

Notice: The Planning and Zoning Commission will further review this text amendment at the July 13, 2015 Meeting. The City Council will not review this item at the July 6 City Council Meeting. 

Planning and Zoning Commission will hold public hearings for this text amendment at 7:00pm, Monday, June 22, 2015 in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, 757 N Galloway Avenue.

City Council will hold public hearings for this text amendment  in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, 757 N Galloway Avenue beginning at 7:00pm, Monday, July 6, 2015 and again on Monday July 20, 2015 if final action is not taken  at the City Council Meeting on July 6. 
Logistics Hub Overlay Boundaries

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Mesquite considering the overlay district?

This area of Mesquite has a concentration of industrial users, including an intermodal sector.  In February 2014, the City Council rezoned the site of the former Big Town Mall for industrial purposes.  The industrial nature of the area must be preserved for economic development.  At the same time, future uses and redeveloping sites must be developed in a manner that is fitting for the western gateway of Mesquite.  Certain users attract a large number of trucks, and other owners in the area must be protected from the negative impacts that often accompany heavy truck traffic and unauthorized activities associated with large trucks.
 _ _ _ 

Will existing zoning change?

All of the current, or base, zoning for property in the district will remain intact.  For example, if property is currently zoned Industrial, it will remain Industrial.  However, if adopted, the new regulations of the proposed overlay district will also apply and affect the permitted uses of the base zoning and how property may be developed.
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What is the western gateway of Mesquite?

The area within and around the Interstate 30 – U.S. Highway 80 split is a key entrance, or gateway, into the City of Mesquite.  The appearance of the area and how it is developed makes an impression on both visitors and long-time residents of the region.  In December 2007 the City Council designated the junction of these two corridors as the “Big Town Gateway” in the Comprehensive Plan and declared the area as most appropriate for destination-type uses.  The industrial zoning of the former mall site may have changed that thinking.  As a result, the adoption of the overlay district will be accompanied by an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan.
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How will residential uses in and around the overlay district be affected?

Homes and other residential uses in the area will not be affected.  The proposed district does not expand industrial uses into existing residential areas, and regulations to protect homes from the negative side effects of industry and heavy truck traffic will remain in place.
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Why is the City concerned with large trucks in this industrial area?

Trucks are an essential part of the valuable industries and businesses that populate this section of Mesquite.  They are, and will continue to be, allowed within the district to help the local economy grow and prosper.  New or amended regulations in the district should facilitate truck access, navigation and parking throughout the area.  However, the support businesses that cater to large trucks must be appropriately regulated to prevent unsightly appearance and a negative impact on other property owners.  Mesquite currently prohibits truck stops.  During the public hearings on the property district, there will be discussion on whether trucks stops should be allowed, and if so, under what conditions.
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Are the boundaries of the proposed overlay district subject to change?

Yes.  The published and written notices of the district present the maximum area that will be considered for inclusion in the overlay district.  Before final action is taken, it is possible that the number of properties within the district will be reduced.