Motley Drive (Gus Thomasson to Town East)

Scope – The project will be a total reconstruction of Motley Drive from Gus Thomasson Blvd. to Town East Blvd. The reconstructed roadway will be a four-lane divided roadway on the north and south ends and a two-lane divided roadway with some on-street parking though the residential area.
• Current Status – Project is under construction.
• Schedule – Construction began November 28, 2016 and is scheduled to be complete by November 28, 2017.
• Project Contact – Christina Hickey, P.E., 972-216-6432

Project Updates

November 28, 2016: The contractor has been authorized to begin construction on November 28, 2016. The construction is planned to be completed in the following general phases:

  1. Utility Work - Sanitary Sewer and Waterline replacement
  2. Paving - Eastbound lanes
  3. Paving - Westbound lanes
  4. Irrigation/Landscaping
The contractor has begun mobilizing and you will start to see some activity. The first phase is scheduled to start December 5, 2016.