Gus Thomasson Road (US 80 to Town East Boulevard)

Public Meeting

A public meeting was held on June 30, 2016 to discuss preliminary plans and design options for the reconstruction of Gus Thomasson Road. A public question and answer session was also offered.

View the Gus Thomasson Road presentation shown at the public meeting.
View a video of the public meeting.

• Scope – This project will replace and upgrade the aging infrastructure along Gus Thomasson Road, between US 80 and Town East Blvd., including the roadway, water, sanitary sewer and drainage to current design criteria. The existing six-lane road is proposed to be reconstructed as a four-lane roadway.

• Current Status – Preliminary plans with design options are complete.

• Schedule – The preliminary conceptual plans with design options are complete and a public meeting was conducted. Staff will present the survey results to Council in August.

Project Contact – Corey Nesbit, P.E., 972-329-8535

Top image: Existing six-lane roadway; Bottom image: Four-lane replacement design.

BC13149-Prop and Ex-2.jpg

Design Options

The "Astronaut" Streets
There are two design options for the four existing streets commonly referred to as the "astronaut" streets. These streets are Borman Avenue, Anders Drive, Schirra Way and Stafford Lane. These options are:

  1. Keep the streets closed at Gus Thomasson Road and install upgraded barriers and neighborhood identity elements. View the proposed "astronaut" streets closure concept and images.
  2. Remove the barriers and open the streets to Gus Thomasson Road.
Neighborhood Identity Elements
Trail monuments with placards installed along the proposed hike and bike trail at the end of each "astronaut" street are a design option to enhance the neighborhood's identity.
City of Mesquite Trail Monument_Wally Schirra option.jpg
City of Mesquite Trail Monument_Wally Schirra - placard.jpg
Neighborhood Screening Options
Neighborhood screening along the proposed hike and bike trail in the form of a wall or an iron fence with landscaping is a design option. This screening wall would serve as a visual barrier, but would not provide traffic noise reduction due to the many required openings at existing streets and alleys. An alternative to a screening wall is a decorative iron fence with landscaping.
Gus Thomasson Road screening wall location.jpg
Gus Thomasson Road screening wall section.jpg
Gus Thomasson Road landscaping screening location.jpg
Gus Thomasson Road landscape screening section.jpg

Gus Thomasson Road Comment Form

To provide input on the Gus Thomasson Road project, complete and submit a Comment Form.