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Mesquite Arts Center

The Mesquite Arts Center provides arts to Mesquite residents and visitors with concerts, theatrical performances, visual arts, and children's programming. 
Rental opportunities are also available to those looking to host their next event or meeting.

Mesquite Arts Council

The Mesquite Arts Council is a nonprofit organization designated to support and nourish the arts in Mesquite. The Council allocates local grants funds and resources for the arts, provides needed services to artists, member organizations and the community; is an advocate for culturally diverse arts programs and is active in the community with regard to cultural planning, development and advocacy of the arts. Additionally, the Council manages the Mesquite Arts Center and the Public Art Program for the City of Mesquite.

  1. Board of Directors

    Get to know the current board of directors.

  2. Donors

    Take a look at donors who keep the program running.