In 2007, the City of Mesquite entered into a Development Agreement with the owners of property in the Extra-territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) to be known as Polo Ridge. The Developers intend to design a high-quality, master-planned, residential community including parkland, open space, and other public and private amenities subject to certain stipulations outlined in the Agreement. The project is located within the City’s ETJ and is not subject to the City’s zoning regulations, however through the Agreement, the City of Mesquite is granted exclusive jurisdiction over the subdivision and platting of the Property and the design, construction, installation, and inspection of water, sewer, drainage, roadway, and other public infrastructure.

Polo Ridge Aerial
March 23, 2015
No new information for this proposal has been received and all public hearings for this proposal are being delayed to a future date. 

Proper notification will be made when a future public hearing is scheduled.

Any questions can be directed to the Planning and Zoning Division at (972) 216-6345
March 9, 2015
At the February 9, 2015 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, the Commission approved a motion to continue the public hearing to the February 23, 2015 meeting. Due weather circumstances, the meeting was not able to take place and the item was continued to the March 9, 2015 meeting.

At the meeting, Staff explained to the Commission that the applicant may have further proposed changes to the concept plan, however, the new proposed concept plan has not yet been submitted to the Planning Division. Staff then recommended to the Commission to continue the public hearing to the March 23, 2015 meeting, where the applicant will be in attendance. The Commission made a motion and approved to continue the motion to the next meeting.
February 9, 2015
At the February 9, 2015 Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting, Staff brought before the Commission proposed changes to the Polo Ridge Concept Plan. According to the Agreement, any changes such as a change to the Concept Plan would need to go before the Commission and have a public hearing. A link to a presentation on the proposed changes is available below.
The Planning and Zoning Commission took no action on the Item and will continue to review the request. The next Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting will be held Monday February 23, 2015. Many neighboring residents attended with concerns with the development. Some of the concerns and answers are addressed below.
What is the proposed average home price?
According to the Developer, the homes are proposed to average approximately $300,000-$400,000.

Who is responsible for making road improvements and how will they be designed?
The developer is responsible for making road improvements to Kelly Road. All road improvements will be required to meet City Standards. FM 2757 is a State Highway and is the State's responsibility for any improvements.

Has the traffic impact on existing roads been considered?
As apart of the Agreement, the Developer was required to conduct a Traffic Impact Analysis. A copy of the Analysis is available below. For specific questions about the Analysis, please contact the  Planning and Zoning and Department
Who is providing water for this development?
Water will be provided by the City of Mesquite.
February 2007
The City of Mesquite approved a Development Agreement with Forney Acquisitions L.P. for the development of approximately 800 acres located in Kaufman County and Mesquite's Extra-territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).The subject property is bound by Kelly Road, FM 2757 and Union Road. The agreement would allow the City of Mesquite exclusive jurisdiction over the public infrastructure involved with the development of such a site.

For more information on the specific details of the Agreement, please contact the City of Mesquite Planning and Zoning Department.