Special Collections/Cost Plus Program

Cost Plus

Cost Plus Service is an on-demand collection service provided by the Solid Waste Division at a fee of $250 per 30 cubic yard load for:

  • collection of construction or remodeling materials outside of a normal collection week; and

  • collection of construction and remodel material, bulk items and brush from rental properties, businesses, apartments and churches.
To request Cost Plus Service or to get an estimate, please contact Solid Waste at 972-216-6285. If you need to rent a commercial dumpster for a home remodeling project or extensive repair work at your home, please contact Republic Services at 972-225-4207.  

Please Note:   Bricks, concrete, rocks, dirt, paint, oils and hazardous containers are not collected as part of the Cost Plus Service or regular brush or bulky trash collections services. 

Cost Plus