Animal Service

Wild/Loose Animal
Barking Complaints
Stray Animals
Lost Pet/Pet Death
Animal Cruelty/Neglect
Animal Emergencies
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Building Inspection

Turn on my gas?
Garage Sales
Contractor Registration
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Human Resources

Departmental Policies
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Environmental Code

Reporting A Possible Violation
Check the status of a code violation
When can I put my trash out for pickup?
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Who is responsible for repairing residential sidewalks?
How do I report a pothole?
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Community Services

Health Clinic
Volunteer Services
Housing Choice Voucher
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Engineering Division

How do I find my property line?
Who do I contact to locate utility lines on my property?
Is my house within a FEMA mapped floodplain?
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Municipal Court

What are the Court’s hours of operation?
Can I pay my citation online or over the phone?
Where can I find the Rules of the Court?
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Water/Utility Billing

How do I set up an automatic bank draft for my account?
What are the current water restrictions?
How do I set up water service with the City of Mesquite?
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Solid Waste

Does the City pick up appliances?
What happens to the yard waste the City collects?
What is the trash pickup schedule during the holidays?
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Can I pay my tax bill over the phone?
How can I get a permit for a video machine?
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City Secretary

Who is my City Councilmember?
When is the next City Council meeting?
How do I request a birth certificate?
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Parks & Recreation

Will we need to pay the entire payment for the reservation of just the $100 deposit?
Do we need to bring our own toiletries and cleaning supplies?
Are we allowed to have waterslides, petting zoo, or trains at the park?
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