Council Appointed Positions

Appointed Positions

The City Council consists of the mayor and six council members. Council members serve two-year terms and are responsible for appointing the city health officer, independent auditor, municipal judge, city manager, city attorney, city secretary, and members of various boards and commissions. The mayor and six council members are elected at large;  however, four council positions have residency requirements.

Council-Appointed Positions & Primary Functions

  • Health Officer: The health officer is a legally qualified physician whose primary duty is to implement and enforce laws which protect the public health and all other duties as prescribed by the Texas Board of Health.

  • Independent Auditor: The City Charter mandates that the City Council appoint a competent public accountant to audit the books and accounts of the city on an annual basis.

  • Municipal Judge: The municipal judge is responsible for presiding over the municipal court as created and defined by the City Charter. Jurisdiction is limited to the territorial limits of the city for all criminal cases arising under the ordinances of the city.

  • City Manager: The city manager serves as the administrative head of the municipal government and shall be responsible for the efficient administration of all departments. The manager is also charged with seeing that all laws and ordinances of the city are enforced.

  • City Attorney: The city attorney is responsible for furnishing legal advice to city officials and personnel; represents the city in suits, litigation and hearings; prepares ordinances, resolutions, contracts and all other legal instruments; and prosecutes cases involving infractions of city ordinances and state law heard in Municipal Court.

  • City Secretary: The city secretary is charged with keeping accurate minutes of City Council meetings, preserving all books, papers, documents, records and files of the council, conducting all municipal elections, serving as the city’s records manager officer and maintaining the city’s records in accordance with State law. Custody of the seal of the city rests with the city secretary.

  • Boards & Commissions: The city has 25 boards and commissions which serve in advisory capacities to the City Council.