Addressing Mesquite Day (AMD)

15th Annual Addressing Mesquite Day

This year's Addressing Mesquite Day (AMD) will be held on October 12, 2019. AMD is held in partnership with the Mesquite Ministerial Alliance and the City of Mesquite. Last year, City staff and Council members teamed with clubs, businesses, civic and faith-based organizations to make exterior repairs to 98 homes. More than 1,100 volunteers participated. This annual one-day event focuses on home repairs needed by senior citizens, single parents, military veterans, and disabled homeowners in Mesquite. Area businesses also provided $50,000 in monetary and in-kind donations to assist with the event. 

How to Help

There are three ways you can be involved:


Sponsors, volunteers, and citizens may make a one-time donation to this worthwhile cause by clicking Make a Donation and following the menu prompts.

Every organization that wishes to volunteer (first select a Group Leader for your team—usually 10 or more in a group) will be assigned a local house or yard project to make a difference in fellow residents’ lives by Addressing Mesquite! Please select a Group Leader for your team. Most groups consist of 10 or more volunteers.  For more information, contact Yolanda Wilson, Manager of Neighborhood Vitality, by calling 972-216-6473 or by email at, or fax a Commitment Form to 972-329-8340. 


Do you or someone you know need some extra assistance with house or yard projects?  We’d like to help!  This event matches community volunteer groups with qualifying homeowners in Mesquite that are in need of extra assistance with qualifying projects. All requests must be for EXTERIOR projects only. Some of the projects could include: painting the outside of a home, landscaping tasks, constructing minor structures (such as a ramp, etc.) and tearing down structures (such as an old shed).   

If you are a homeowner (and reside in the home), you may submit your home for consideration by submitting a completed Job Request Form.

PLEASE NOTE:  While the City would like to assist every applicant, the number of job requests that can be granted is directly dependent upon volunteer and resource capacity.  We hope you will join us this year in this worthwhile project!  For more information, contact Yolanda Wilson, Manager of Neighborhood Vitality, by calling 972-216-6473 or by email at

2019 Volunteer Commitment Form