Addressing Mesquite Day (AMD)

Neighborhood Services

Addressing Mesquite Day 2017
Saturday, October 7

For more than a decade, Addressing Mesquite Day has helped countless residents by connecting volunteers to those in need. The 13th Annual Addressing Mesquite Day will be held on Saturday, October 7. 

To provide service to our neighbors in need, we need both volunteers and financial support.There are many ways to get involved in this year's event:

  • If you or someone you know needs assistance with a minor, exterior home project, please complete the Job Request form and return it to the City.  En espaƱol.

  • If you have a group and would like to commit to volunteer for the event, please complete the Volunteer Commitment form and return it to the City or complete the online version by Friday, August 4. 

  • Even a small donation can result in an additional bucket of paint or extra safety goggles for a volunteer crew. If you would like to donate to the program, please click here.

We do hope you will consider being a part of this year's 13th Annual Addressing Mesquite Day. 

For questions or more information please contact Lauren Rose at [email protected] or by calling 972.216.6409.