Success Stories

Giving the Animals Christmas
The Students and Faculty of Tosch Elementary brought a very merry Christmas to all of the homeless pets of the Animal Shelter.  The Animal Services Staff would like to send a HUGE thank you to the school for your support and a special thanks to Ms. Thomas for helping to make it all possible. 

Working towards Eagle Scout rank
Seth Fredrickson made a very generous donation to the Animal Shelter while working toward Eagle Scout rank with the Boy Scouts of America.  On Friday, October 3, 2014, Seth presented the Shelter with 3 new cat climbing towers and a new photography station.  The cats love their new hangout and we now have a place to take great pictures inside when the weather is bad.  Thank you Seth and good luck on your journey to Eagle!

Empty the Shelter Day 2014

August 16, 2014, Mesquite Animal Services took part in the largest adoption event ever held in the DFW area.  Over 30 shelters in the metroplex opened their doors and waived adoption fees in hopes of raising awareness and getting all shelter animals placed into new homes.  In all, 2,217 pets were adopted as part of this event.  Mesquite Animal Shelter is proud to announce that 74 animals were adopted during the event: 17 cats and 57 dogs.  Thank you to all of the adopters who have added a new member to their family on this day and to the staff and volunteers who pulled it all together!

I got lost one day and couldn't find my way home. I ended up in the Mesquite Animal Shelter and I was worried because my people were not coming to get me out. One family adopted me, but brought me back saying I am "too hyper." Don't they know that young dogs, especially a Jack Russell mix, have a lot of energy? I guess they didn't do their homework. Anyway, they weren't right for me. I needed a family that could appreciate a cute young dog with energy. Read more about Tracy.

Toby: A Rescued Dog Success Story
Toby is a long hair Dachshund mix (black and brown brindle) that Mesquite Animal Control Officers rescued while he was being attacked by three pit bulls. Toby is a beautiful dog with a soft, silky coat. Luckily, he wasn't injured by the attack, although he had some scabs here and there and was afraid of my big dogs at first. Read more about Toby.
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