HMI Board of Directors

2024 Officers

Suanne Toupal, Chair 

Debbie Massey, Vice-Chair 

Christian Jaynes, Secretary 

Jennifer Keltner, Treasurer 

Susan Cumby, Parliamentarian 


All Directors

Christian Jaynes, Secretary (Council Appointed, Place 1) 
Vacant (Council Appointed, Place 2)
Helen Ethridge (Council Appointed, Place 3)
Suanne Toupal, Chair (Council Appointed, Place 4)
Jennifer Keltner, Treasurer (Council Appointed, Place 5)
Susan Cumby, Parliamentarian (Council Appointed, Place 6)
Debbie Massey, Vice-Chair (Council Appointed, Place 7)
Vacant (Council Appointed, Place 8)

Robynn Amaba (Council Appointed, Place 9)

Ed Hudson (Board Elected, Place 1)
Vacant (Board Elected, Place 2)
Vacant (Board Elected, Place 3)
Vacant (Board Elected, Place 4)
Vacant (Board Elected, Place 5)
Vacant (Board Elected, Place 6)
Deborah Screws (Board Elected, Place 7)
Vacant (Board Elected, Place 8)
Sara Mahaffey Moore (Board Elected, Place 9)


Hope L. Sheppard
Judy Skowron
Donna Woodard

 Honorary Directors

Teia Collier
Rita Crump 
Deborah P. Franklin
Joyce Hicks
Daniel Norwood

HMI is a nonprofit [IRS 501 (c)(3)], tax exempt organization dedicated to the 
 preservation of and education about Mesquite history. 
The organization is governed by a Board of Directors.
Our Board of Directors consists of 9 board elected directors and 9 directors appointed by Mesquite's City Council. Council appointed directors must be citizens of Mesquite. Directors serve three year terms, and may be appointed to an additional term.
HMI meetings are held once a month, normally on the fourth Tuesday. 

Learn more about applying to serve on our Board of Directors.