The Emergency Communication Group of Mesquite (EMCOM) is a volunteer group that provides communications capability for the City of Mesquite when requested by the city. The volunteers are FCC licensed radio operators of the Amateur Radio Service and are organized as Mesquite R.A.C.E.S and Mesquite ARES. Both R.A.C.E.S. and ARES serve the Mesquite Office of Emergency Management for various tasks when requested officially by the city. 

One of the primary functions of Mesquite R.A.C.E.S is to respond when activated by the city and the National Weather Service to threatening weather conditions and provide observations as trained weather spotters to the city, the National Weather Service, and other served agencies in Dallas County. Other duties of these communications volunteers may include logistical and other communications capabilities when normal services are under duress or when needed for additional capacity. 

Membership in Mesquite R.A.C.E.S. Requirements

  • Demonstrate a willingness to prepare for and participate in emergency communication events.
  • A willingness to equip one’s self with knowledge, skills, and equipment to meet basic mission requirements.
  • Possess a valid Amateur Radio Operator’s License for two-meter operation.
  • Own a two-meter FM transceiver appropriate for RACES operations.
  • Live in or be able to respond to activations in Mesquite. Completion of FEMA NIMS IS-100, IS-700 and IS-800 courses. Course material may be found on the FEMA Website.

    For more information please contact the Radio Officer Ron Abraham, KC5IMJ at raa.KC5IMJ@gmail.com.