Fire Corps

The Office of Emergency Management is planning for emergencies within the city but it is important for every citizen to do their part as well. We would like to encourage you to learn about emergencies and how they may affect you as well as knowing what to do in case something like this occurs. When disaster strikes everyone is affected. It takes a community effort to help our fellow citizens in Mesquite and around our state. Mesquite’s Office of Emergency Management would like to recognize and encourage citizens to get involved locally.

Fire Corps
The mission of the Mesquite Fire Corps is to support and enhance the Mesquite Fire Department utilizing volunteers through continuing education and community service. 

All members have graduated from the Citizens Fire Academy or are retired public safety professionals. If interested in applying for the Mesquite Citizens Fire Academy, please visit the Citizen's Fire Academy page

Fire Corps members are involved in the following functions:
  • Support First Responders on emergency scenes with food and drink
  • Aid the Office of Emergency Management with disaster response
  • Aid with Fire Department public education events & activities