Business Safety Checklist

***** IMPORTANT *****

The following information should not be construed as a complete list of any and all possible fire code violations. The intent of this list is to provide some of the most common fire code violations found in business establishments located in the City of Mesquite.

Current Code References (not all inclusive):

     City Ordinance 4189 (December 21, 2011) - adopting current fire code.
     City Ordinance 2651 (December 12, 1989) & 4190 (November 21, 2011) – Fire Alarm ordinance.
     International Fire Code® (IFC) 2009 edition with amendments from City Ordinance 4189
     National Fire Protection Association Standards (NFPA):
          10 - Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers 2007 edition
          17A - Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems 2002 edition
          25 - Inspection - Testing and Maintenance of Water-based Fire Protection 2008 edition
          72 - National Fire Alarm Code 2007 edition
          96 - Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Ops 2008 edition
State of Texas Fire Marshal’s Office – Fire Alarm Rules 28 TAC §34.600


     Electrical Service Room

          Clearance around electrical service (breaker panel) shall be a                                         minimum of 30"W x 36"D x 78"H.  IFC 2009 (605.3)

          Electrical panel shall have no openings (missing approved safety covers).                       IFC 2009 (605.6)

          Electrical breaker/fuse(s) shall not be taped in the on position.                                       IFC 2009 (605.1)

     Extension Cord

          Extension cords shall not be a substitute for permanent wiring.                                                   IFC 2009 (605.5)

          Extension cords shall not be affixed to structures.  IFC 2009 (605.5)

          Extension cords shall not extend through walls, ceilings, or floors.                                            IFC 2009 (605.5)

     Exposed / Damaged Wiring

          Junction Box missing approved cover.  IFC 2009 (605.6)

          Open-wire splices are prohibited.  IFC 2009 (605.6)

          Switch(es) damaged/missing approved cover.  IFC 2009 (605.6)

          Outlet missing approved cover.  IFC 2009 (605.6)

          Exposed electrical wiring.  IFC 2009 (605.1)

          Improper electrical wiring of device.  IFC 2009 (605.1)

     Multi-plug Adapter / Power Strip

          Multi-plug adapter(s) are prohibited.  IFC 2009 (605.4)

          Power strip(s) shall be grounded and be equipped with overcurrent protection.                 IFC 2009 (605.4.1)

          Power strip shall be directly connected to an electrical outlet                                         (no piggy-backing).  IFC 2009 (605.4.2)

          Power strip cords shall not extend through walls, ceilings, floors, under doors,                 or under floor coverings.  IFC 2009 (605.4.3)



          Hydrant is obstructed/hidden.  IFC 2009 (507.5.4)

          Hydrant has insufficient circumferential clearance (3 feet minimum).                               IFC 2009 (507.5.5)


          Striping is insufficient and/or needs repainting.                                                             IFC 2009 (503.3(1)) & City Ordinance 4189

          Fire Lane surface in disrepair (i.e. potholes).                                                                 IFC 2009 (503.2.3) & Engineering Dept. Guidelines

          Parking in the Fire lane.  IFC 2009 (503.4) & City Ordinance 4189


          Address not properly posted on front and back of building (6" minimum).                         IFC 2009 (505.1) & City Ordinance 4189

          Address not properly posted on front and back of suite (3" minimum).                             IFC 2009 (505.1) & City Ordinance 4189

          Address numbers not of a contrasting color.  IFC 2009 (505.1) & City Ordinance 4189


          Overdue for Inspection (annual).  TIC - Chapter 6002 & 28 TAC §34.622(h(5))

          Pull is obstructed.  NFPA 72-2007 (5.13.5)

          Battery(s) out of date (Sealed Lead-Acid - 5 years).                                                       NPPA 72-2007 (Table 10.4.4 Section 6(d)(1))



          FDC cap(s) missing or damaged.  NFPA 25-2008 (13.7.1(3))

          FDC shall remain clear of any obstructions for a minimum of 3 feet                                 (i.e. Fences, trees).  IFC 2009 (912.3.2)


          Gauges out of date (5 year replacement or calibration tested).                                       NFPA 25-2008 (5.3.2 &


          Overdue for Inspection (annual).  IFC 2009 (901.6.1) & NFPA 25-2008 (5.1)


          Head(s) are to be free of any accumulation of paint.  NFPA 25-2008 (

          Head(s) obstructed.  NFPA 25-2008 (


          Access blocked/obstructed to fire sprinkler system.  NFPA 25-2008 (4.1.2)

          Failure to maintain Fire Sprinkler System.  IFC 2009 (901.6) & NFPA 25-2002 (4.7)

          Missing/Illegible Hydraulic Nameplate.  NFPA 25-2008 (5.2.7)

          System is overdue system flush (every 5 years).  NFPA 25-2008 (14.2.1)



          Pull at/near a means of egress, 10 to 20 feet from kitchen exhaust system.                     IFC 2009 (904.11.1)

          K-Class Extinguisher must be mounted and within 30 feet of cooking equipment.             IFC 2009 (904.11.5.2)

          Overdue for Inspection (semi-annual).  IFC 2009 (904.11.6.2) & NFPA 17A-2002 (7.3.2)

          Manual Pull Obstructed.  NFPA 17A-2002 (7.2.2(2))


          Insufficient nozzle coverage.  IFC 2009 (904.4.1(3))

          Needs to be cleaned.  NFPA 17A-2002 (7.3.4)

          Nozzle blow-off caps are missing or damaged.  NFPA 17A-2002 (7.2.2(7))


          Needs to be professionally cleaned.  IFC 2009 (609.3.3)

          Missing filters.  NFPA 96-2008 (6.1.1)



          Hand-held extinguisher shall be installed on hanger/bracket supplied.                             IFC 2009 (906.7)

          Shall be located in conspicuous locations where they will be readily accessible.             IFC 2009 (906.5)

          Shall not be obstructed or obscured from view.  IFC 2009 (906.6)

          Top of the extinguisher shall be mounted no higher than 5feet (40 lbs or less).                 IFC 2009 (906.9.1)


          Overdue for Inspection (annual).  NFPA 10-2007 (7.3.1)

          Missing Tag.  NFPA 10-2007 (7.3.3)

          Extinguisher shall be recharged after any use or as indicated by inspection.                   NFPA 10-2007 (

          Pressure gauge reading or indicator not in operable range or position.                             NFPA 10-2007 (7.2.2(3))

          Safety seal and tamper indicators are not broken or missing.                                         NFPA 10-2007 (


          CO2 extinguisher required to be hydrostatically tested every 5 years.                             NFPA 10-2007 (8.3)

          Dry chemical (stainless steel) is required to be hydrostatically tested                             every 12 years.  NFPA 10-2007 (8.3)

          Wet chemical extinguisher required to be hydrostatically tested every 5 years.               NFPA 10-2007 (8.3)



          Fire Door(s) assembly improperly modified.  IFC 2009 (703.2)

          Fire Door(s) do not close and latch properly.  IFC 2009 (703.2.3)

          Fire Wall (Smoke Barrier) not maintained properly.   IFC 2009 (703.1.2)


          Improper hanging of merchandise or decoration from the ceiling.  IFC 2009 (703.3)

          Missing or damaged ceiling tiles.  IFC 2009 (703.1)



          EXIT cannot be concealed by curtains, drapes, decoration, or similar materials.               IFC 2009 (1008.1)

          EXIT door cannot have improper locking hardware.  IFC 2009 (1008.1.9.1)

          EXIT sign damaged or missing.  IFC 2009 (1011.1)

          EXIT sign not illuminated properly.  IFC 2009 (1011.2)

          Means of egress is blocked/obstructed.  IFC 2009 (1003.6)

          No combustible storage in means of egress.  IFC 2009 (315.2.2)

          Emergency lighting shall be electrically powered with battery backup.                             IFC 2009 (1006.3)


          Door shall be set in motion with a maximum of 30 lbs. of force.  IFC 2009 (1008.1.3)

          Door shall swing to a full-open position with a maximum of 15 lbs. of force.                     IFC 2009 (1008.1.3)

          EXIT door hardware shall be maintained in working condition.  IFC 2009 (1021.1.1)

          EXIT door cannot have improper locking hardware.  IFC 2009 (1008.1.9.1)



          Storage of combustible materials shall be orderly.  IFC 2009 (315.2)

          Storage shall be maintained 2 feet or more below the ceiling (non-sprinkled).                   IFC 2009 (315.2.1)

          Storage shall be maintained 18 inches or more below the ceiling (sprinkled).                   IFC 2009 (315.2.1)

          Combustible materials shall not be stored in exits or exit enclosures.                             IFC 2009 (315.2.2)

          Combustible materials shall not be stored in boiler, mechanical, or                                 electrical rooms.  IFC 2009 (315.2.3)

          Storage shall not be stored/displayed beneath overhead projections                               (non-sprinkled).  IFC 2009 (315.3.1)

          Storage in the open shall not exceed 20 feet in height.  IFC 2009 (315.3.2)

          Clearance between ignition sources (heaters and combustibles) shall be                         maintained.  IFC 2009 (305.1)

          Compresses gas cylinder not properly secured by an appropriate restraint.                     IFC 2009 (3003.5.3)

Blocked Electrical Panel
extension cord
Pothole in the Fire Lane
FAS Manual Pull
Sprinkler Head
Dirty Vent-a-hood
Fire Extinguisher
damaged wall
blocked exit3
Exit sign by wires
EXIT to nowhere