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The City of Mesquite has chosen the Paymode-X™ service through Bank of America to make electronic
payments to valued vendors and suppliers. The City of Mesquite recognizes the importance of expediting the payment process for our vendors and suppliers. Our Accounts Payable department utilizes Paymode-X to replace paper checks with electronic payments. We are strongly encouraging our vendors and suppliers to enroll in Paymode-X so that future payments are made electronically. Enrollment in Paymode-X is simple and takes less than ten minutes. You can enroll online at today.* We value your service and support and are confident that your company will benefit from using Paymode-X.

Your enrollment in Paymode-X offers many benefits:
  • Saves time and money – Paymode-X reduces the labor, hassle, expense, and risk associated with checks and other traditional payment methods. There is no charge to receive a payment from us via Paymode-X.
  • Enhances cash flow – Electronic payments through Paymode-X provide cash flow benefits by eliminating mail and paper check float.
  • Fits with existing systems and banking practices – Paymode-X requires no purchase of software, nomodifications to your existing accounts receivable systems, and no changes to your bank or bank accounts.
  •  Includes detailed remittance information – Paymode-X enables delivery of digital remittance information along with the payment for easier reconciliation. Digital remittance information can be sent via ACH (CCD,CCD+ or CTX) or accessed via on-line download options. Each time you receive a payment through Paymode-X, you will be sent an electronic notification.
  • History of payments – A detailed history of all Paymode-X payments from The City of Mesquite will be at your fingertips on the Paymode-X website.
  • Going Green – Paperless, electronic payments are more secure, save money and also help conserve the environment by eliminating printing and mailing paper checks.
Paymode-X offers The City of Mesquite a secure, Internet-based service to make electronic payments to vendors,
suppliers and service providers. We strongly believe that Paymode-X represents a measurable improvement over
other electronic payment methods, as well as a significant enhancement to our on-going business relationship.

The City of Mesquite would like to begin making electronic payments to you through Paymode-X. Should you
require personal assistance or have any questions, please contact Paymode-X toll free at 1-866-252-7366. Paymode-X will notify us of your enrollment and
electronic payments will begin shortly thereafter.
We look forward to continued improvements in our business relationship.

Cindy Smith
Director of Finance

Promotional Code: The City of Mesquite
* Please note, if you are already a Paymode-X member, please contact Paymode-X toll free at 1-866-252-7366 to
validate the details of your membership.