All Mesquite Housing families must submit a Move Out Notice in order to receive a voucher to move. The family must be current on all payments to the landlord as well as Mesquite Housing. It is recommended to submit the move out notice 30-60 days prior to the move out date. Vouchers will be valid for a total of 60 days after the issue date. Due to rental fluctuations, families may be able to receive an additional 60 day extension to search for suitable housing. This allows a maximum of 120 days. To receive an extension families must request and receive approval from the Housing Division before the voucher term expires.

Once the voucher is issued the family will receive a Request for Tenancy Approval packet as well as other materials that may be helpful in the families search for a new unit. Payments standards are different in every zip code and the family's Housing Occupancy Technician will explain to the family what their price range should be in order to be sure that the unit is affordable.

If you have any questions regarding the move process please contact your Housing Occupancy Technician.


Housing Occupancy Technician

 Jonna Floyd (Moves)