Portability Updates

  • Effective April 15, 2016 Mesquite Housing Division is administering "billing" all incoming ports. Mesquite Housing will not absorb any more vouchers until further notice.
The Section 8 Voucher Program allows families to relocate to other areas and receive rental assistance. In order to utilize the "portability" provision of a voucher:

  1.  The family must give proper notice to vacate, if currently leasing a Section 8 Unit.
  2.  The family must submit a written request form to the Housing Occupancy Technician. This form is called the "Request  for Portability". The form will ask family to specify what city/town and state they wish to move. Generally, a family wishing to "port" should allow a minimum 60 day notice. A portability request does not extend the family's voucher term. 
  3. The city/town that the family wishes to port to must have a housing agency that administers a Section 8 program.