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Special Notice

Halloween Events

October 3, 2008
Abbey Marley

(Mesquite, Texas)—Looking for inexpensive and entertaining family events this Halloween?

Mesquite Parks and Recreation’s Haunted Trail & Campout event is located in

The woods of Camp Rorie-Galloway,
3100 Lawson Road.

The trail will be open
from 7:00-10:00 p.m.
on October 24th and 25th.

Admission for the trail is $2.00 per person. Other activities at the event include an outdoor movie, a costume contest, and hayrides. Concessions including smores will be available. "This year we added more activities to accommodate the family atmosphere," said event coordinator Angie Johnson. Participants may reserve a campsite overnight Saturday for $25 per family of four with $5 per additional family member. Tent sites may be picked out beginning 5 p.m. on Saturday, though RVs are prohibited. Breakfast will be provided Sunday morning by Mesquite Parks and Recreation. Johnson continued, “We’re excited for this year’s turn out. We hope that one day it will turn into an event as big as Christmas in the Park.” To reserve your campsite and for more information, please contact 972-285-4145 or 972-216-6260.

Please click here to download the poster.

Health Officials warn of possible exposure to bat infected with rabies

Date: September 24, 2008
For Immediate Release

Contact: Greg Sowell
Office: 972-329-8319
Cell: 972-897-2762

(Mesquite, Texas) – The Texas Department of State Health Services has confirmed a bat found in west Mesquite has tested positive for rabies.

The bat was discovered Monday on the 1400 block of Sheffield Ct. A Mesquite resident reportedly found the bat and put a box over it before calling animal control to pick it up. As part of City policy, the bat was sent to the state for testing, and did test positive for rabies. This is the first case of rabies ever confirmed in any animal in Mesquite in at least 14 years.

Anyone in the neighborhood who may have come in contact with the bat is urged to contact their physician. Rabies infections are always fatal in people unless treated before symptoms begin. Residents can also protect their pets from rabid animals by ensuring the pets are properly vaccinated against the rabies disease.

This is the seventh report of a rabid animal found in Dallas County this year, and is the fifth this year to be found in a bat.

Bats are indigenous to the North Texas area. People can follow these steps to help keep bats out of their home.

  • Do not leave unscreened doors or windows open to the outside.
  • Make sure doors and windows are screened, chimneys are capped, and electrical and plumbing openings in the structure are plugged.
  • Seal openings larger than ¼ inch by ½ inch square that would allow access into the attic, walls or living areas.
  • Utilize materials to seal or cover gaps and holes including spray-on expanding foam, wire mesh, netting, caulk or tight-fitting wood. Steel wool or calking can be used around pipes that enter buildings.

Rabies is an illness that affects the central nervous system. It is transmitted to people from infected mammals. Rabies can be prevented by avoiding exposure to infected animals. Rabies is preventable through a series of vaccinations after exposure, but it is fatal once symptoms appear.

  • Rabies is a viral infection of the nervous system.
  • Rabies is usually transmitted to people from the bite of an infected mammal.
  • Rabies can be prevented by: avoiding exposure to animals with rabies and seeking immediate medical attention after the bite of an infected animal.
  • Rabies is preventable through a series of vaccinations after exposure, but it is fatal once symptoms appear.

Newspaper Deliveries cause complaints

The City of Mesquite is working with The Dallas Morning News to curtail complaints regarding the distribution of its papers in the community.

In August the City received a sudden increase of calls regarding the distribution of Al Dia in certain neighborhoods from people who were concerned about the papers turning into litter. During the first week in August The Dallas Morning News increased its distribution of Al Dia in Mesquite from 1,000 to 10,000 homes located in the 75149, 75150 and 75180 zip codes. In addition, on August 27, The DMN also started distributing 5,000 copies of a paper called Briefing in the 75150 zip code.

The City has passed on community concerns regarding the distribution process, and The Dallas Morning News has been very responsive and says it will address problems as quickly as possible.

Al Dia is a publication targeted for Spanish speaking households, while Briefing is targeted for working families who have little time to pick up a full newspaper. The papers are being distributed for free in select neighborhoods, but there is an opt-out system if you do not wish to receive a copy. The customer service number for Al Dia is 469-977-3747, and the customer service number for Briefing is 214-977-8333. You can call these numbers to cancel delivery or register complaints. You can also call it to inquire about delivery.