Mesquite begins plans for a healthy community

As an increasing number of Americans suffer from chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes and asthma, research reveals the way American cities and towns are developed contributes to the epidemic rates of these diseases. The result of these findings has sparked collaboration between the public health and planning fields to create healthier neighborhoods. The City is proud to be on the forefront of this trend. Mesquite has implemented development regulations emphasizing site and building designs, a mix of residential and non-residential uses and choices in transportation. The City continues to explore ways to improve the relationship between a built environment and the vitality of the community as well as health of its residents. The Planning and Zoning Division of the Community Development Department will begin sharing information from both the planning and health perspectives on building healthy, vibrant neighborhoods through its Healthy Communities initiative.

Health Perspective on Planning

Planning Perspective on Health

What does a healthy community look like

Safe Routes to School

Health Benefits of Parks

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