Annexation Plan


Note: All references are to the Texas Local Government Code, unless otherwise noted.)

Adopted By: Resolution 56-99, December 20, 1999

Proposed Annexation

The City of Mesquite does not plan to annex any tract(s) of land which are subject to the provisions requiring inclusion in an Annexation Plan under the Local Government Code, Section 43.052. In accordance with the Local Government Code, Section 43.053(h), the City may annex areas as described below, which do not require inclusion in an Annexation Plan:

  1. The area contains fewer than 100 separate tracts of land on which one or more residential dwellings are located on each tract.
  2. The area will be annexed by petition of more than 50 percent of the real property owners in the area proposed for annexation or by vote or petition of the qualified voters or real property owners as provided by Subchapter B.
  3. The area is or was the subject of:
    • An industrial district contract under Section 42.044; or
    • A strategic partnership agreement under Section 43.0751.
  4. The area is located in a colonia, as the term is defined by Section 2306.581, Texas Government Code.
  5. The area is annexed under Section 43.026, 43.027, 43.029, or 43.031.
  6. The area is located completely within the boundaries of a closed military installation.
  7. The municipality determines that the annexation of the area is necessary to protect the area proposed for annexation or the municipality from:
  • Imminent destruction of property or injury to persons; or
  • A condition or use that constitutes a public or private nuisance as defined by background principles of nuisance and property law of this state.


The City of Mesquite shall post and maintain the posting of this Annexation Plan on its Internet website, including any amendments to add or remove any area from the Annexation Plan, in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Code, Section 43.052(j).