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The City of Mesquite Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the maintenance of four of these cemeteries.

Abbie Frost Cemetery:
Address - Beltline Road near Bruton Road between Kwik Kar Lube and Tune and Meadow Oaks Academy
Status: Inactive
0.52 Acres
Abbie Frost Cemetery
This is a private Cemetery that has not been used since the early 1900's. The oldest marker in the Cemetery is of Mr. Terry's first wife dated 1857. Some of the names on the markers are - Leach, Holley, Berkner, Terry, Mathis, Bounds, Branum. This Cemetery contains some of the oldest Post Oaks and Cedar Trees in Mesquite.

Brickyard Cemetery
Address - Peachtree Road between the railroad tracks and the concrete channel on the East side of Peachtree Road
Recorded as a "HistoricTexas Cemetery"
Status: Inactive
3.0 Acres approximately
Brickyard Cemetery  Brickyard Cemetery

Mesquite Cemetery:
Address - 400 Holly Park Drive
Recorded as a "Historic Texas Cemetery"
Status: Active
8.5 Acres
Mesquite Cemetery Mesquite Cemetery Mesquite Cemetery
The Mesquite cemetery consists of (7) seven different sections. They are the; Ebrite, Restland, Toppel’s, Rutherford, East Side, Evergreen and Pashcall Sections. All existing plots are individually owned, except for the Paschall section. All burials are handled through private funeral homes, including the opening and closing of the grave. A concrete or metal vault is required around the casket. . For information on the purchase of spaces contact Curtis Lloyd, Cemetery Sexton at 972-216-6912.

The City of Mesquite Parks and Recreation Department took over the maintenance of the Mesquite Cemetery in 1985 and since 1995 the maintenance has been contracted out to private contractors.

The remains of descendants of the Republic of Texas along with the veterans of the Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War and the Vietnam War are located in the cemetery.

The oldest marker in the Mesquite Cemetery is that of Britanna Sanifee Chapman who was born in 1856 and died December 24, 1859.

Many of the prominent names in Mesquite are found in the Mesquite Cemetery. Some of the names are Paschall, Ebrite, Grubb, Galloway, Rugel, Gross, Hanby, just to name a few.

Historic Mesquite holds “Meanderings” a few times each year at Mesquite Cemetary. For further information on this event contact Charlene Orr at 972-216-6468.

Potter Cemetery:
Address - Lumley Road at I.H. 20
Recorded as a "Historic Texas Cemetery"
Status: Inactive
0.83 Acres
Potter Cemetery
This cemetery is a private family cemetery. John and Martha Potter were citizens of the Republic of Texas and owned about 1,000 acres in the general vicinity. They buried their son William L. Potter here in July of 1861. After the death of his son, John joined the Confederate Army and served his time. He then came back and became Justice of the Peace. Most of John and Martha's nine children are buried here and there are a total of sixteen graves in the Cemetery. The last burial was in 1947.