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Mesquite Parks and Recreation athletics facilities play host to approximately 40,000 youth and adult participants every year through sports association regular season and tournament play. The facilities also host several state, regional and national tournament per year. Facility signage and program support can be a powerful tool in building top-of-mind-awareness for any business, cause, product, service or entity.

Athletic partnerships can provide corporate branding on several city assets and special events through signage and promotional materials. The program can be amended to include additional marketing rights and even expanded to include naming rights for inventory at city special events and attractions.

How it works

Athletic Field Signage
Mesquite Parks and Recreation Athletics partners could receive a 4x8 foot sign along outfield fences at three athletic facilities in Mesquite Valley Creek Athletic Complex, Mesquite Girls Softball Complex and Travis Williams Athletic Complex. And each complex has four fields (three at Travis Williams). The partnership includes signage on all outfield fences at the fields.

Westlake Tennis Center
MP&R Athletic partners could receive 4x8 or 9x16 banners at Westlake Tennis Center. Westlake is a covered tennis facility that plays host to individual lessons from a pro and from independent teachers, as well as leagues and tournaments.

Eastfield Soccer Complex
MP&R Athletic Partners will secure individual presenting rights to one more of the 20 individual fields at the complex. Signage on or near the goals will feature partner as well as the number of the field providing a very valued service to patrons making the numbers on the fields very easy to read. We can also work with soccer associations and tournaments to include partners name on scheduling materials (ex. Team 1 and Team 2 on Academy Sports and Outdoors field 14).

Links and ID logo on city parks and recreation department Web site
MP&R athletic partners will be able to have their logo or brand featured on city Web presences and will have the ability to utilize city brands and trademarks for marketing purposes, including social networking. In addition, partners could qualify to have logo representation in city publications including the employee Web digest (all city department e-newsletter), occasional Mainstream inclusion (water bill insert) and Fun Forecasts (biannual directory of MP&R programs and services). Registrants and participants for athletic programs will be referred to partners in hopes of creating business building or traffic building elements.

Rights Fees
The following represents an example of how the rights fees for the partnership might work. We can build the partnership to meet any budget or marketing initiatives. And remember, athletic partnerships can be augmented by adding in partnerships involving facilities, aquatics and special events.

Baseball/Softball field signage (all three facilities)
$1,500 per year
Westlake Tennis Center
$500 per year
One field at Eastfield
$1,000 per year
Add one additional field
$500 per year
Each additional field
$200 per year


Again, this is merely an example, and rights fees for signage and participation at the athletic facilities can be reduced, or perhaps even eliminated all together for partners who make the partnership part of an overall agreement to tie in aquatics, special events and facilities. There are also discounts available for activation, such as printing banners and signage.

For more information, contact Daren Watkins, special events coordinator City of Mesquite Parks and Recreation Department, via e-mail at or phone, 972-216-6499