Sheltering vs. Evacuation

Sheltering vs. Evacuation

Depending on the situation, it may be best to stay indoors and shelter-in-place or it may be necessary to evacuate. It is important to gather as much information as possible in order to make the best possible decision.

If there is the potential for debris flying or if officials have said that the air is badly contaminated then it may be important to seal the room:
  • Bring all family and pets inside.
  • Lock doors, close windows, air vents and fireplace dampers.
  • Turn off fans, air conditioning and forced-air heating systems.
  • Take your emergency supply kit into a room with no windows that is located in the interior of the house.
  • Seal all windows, doors and air vents with plastic sheeting and duct tape.
  • Be informed. Watch television, listen to the radio or check the internet often for official news and instructions as they become available.

After an evacuation is requested, it may be for a large part of Mesquite or for just a small area. It is important to pay attention to who is asked to evacuate and which direction.

If you are asked to evacuate:

  • Maintain a half tank of gas in your vehicle at all times.
  • Learn about alternate routes and become familiar with them.
  • If a car is not available, plan other means of transportation to evacuate, if needed.
  • It is important to take your emergency supply kit.
  • Lock the doors behind you.
  • Take your pets with you but understand that only service animals may be permitted in public shelters.