As Director of Human Resources for the City of Mesquite I would like to welcome you to our web page. Through the different links above you can apply for a job, find out information regarding benefits the city has to offer or learn about our mission in Human Resources, the people who deliver the services and much more.

The Human Resources Department for the City of Mesquite is here to serve management, employees, retirees and their families as well as applicants. We take great pride in what we do and how we do it. And while a lot of our job is compliance related, our motto is "it's not about policy, it's not about procedure, it's about service." This does not mean that we don't have policies and procedures that we adhere to, but rather we will not use them as an excuse not to provide quality customer service - we have reasons for what and how we do things.

As a department that touches employees, retirees and many of their family members as well as the public - with the responsibility to provide sound compensation and benefits plans, hiring practices, a safe environment to work, and ensures all are treated fair and justly - we believe we have a unique opportunity in the City to provide bold leadership through bold ideas. Each member of the Human Resources department is charged with the duty to "see it, own it, solve it, do it."

So, take the opportunity to learn what were about through our webpage. I hope you will find it easy to use and provides useful information, but if you need additional help, please feel free to contact us either by phone or email.

Brian R. Dickerson
Director of Human Resources