Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a fire engine sent when I call for an ambulance?
Mesquite Fire Department Engines are staffed with a Paramedic and are equipped as advanced cardiac life support first responders. This gives the engine crew the capability to provide advanced airway access and administer cardiac drugs. A fire engine is sent automatically to assist an Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) on unconscious persons, cardiac complaints, breathing difficulties, active seizures, trapped persons and major vehicular collisions.

How can I get a copy of a Fire Report?
Fire reports may be obtained from the Fire Department Administrative offices at 1515 N. Galloway, Mesquite, TX. This office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

How can I get a copy of an EMS patient report?
To obtain a copy of an EMS patient report, the actual patient or another person with a medical authorization signed by the patient with proper ID must request the report through the Fire Administration office. Due to medical information on the report we can only release these reports with the patient's consent. These reports are available in Fire Administration, 1515 N. Galloway, Mesquite, TX. 75149, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

How do I request a tour of a fire station?
Fire station tours can be arranged by appointment through the MFD Public Education Office. For more information, please contact Captain Kelly Turner at (972) 216-6349.

Do I need to register my Fire Alarm or Medical Alarm?
No registration is required of medical alarms. At this time, the City of Mesquite requires only that fire alarms in commercial buildings be registered. This includes all buildings except single-family residential. The registration fee is a one-time charge of $12. A new owner or occupant of a building with a fire alarm is required to obtain a new permit. This includes both fire alarms that are monitored and fire alarms that only sound on the premises. Owners of fire alarms in commercial buildings are also required to have their alarm systems inspected by a fire alarm technician once each year and a copy of the inspection report sent to the Fire Marshal's office. The owners of all fire alarms, both registered commercial and non-registered residential, are subject to fines for excessive false alarms or for failure to properly maintain a fire alarm system. Contact the Fire Marshal's office at (972) 216-6267 for further information.

Is there an Arson Hot Line?
Yes, that number is (972) 216-6316.

How do I report a complaint about a fire hazard?
Hazardous conditions may be reported to the MFD Fire Marshal's office at (972) 216-6267.

Can I get a fire engine to visit my children school?
All requests for Fire Department presentations at Mesquite Independent School District locations must come from a MISD teacher or administrator. Private schools and day care facilities should contact the MFD Public Education Office at (972) 216-6349.

How can I find out about Fire Safety programs available through Mesquite Fire Department?
For information or scheduling, please contact the MFD Public Education Office at (972) 216-6349.

What is the best kind of fire extinguisher for my house?
A multi-purpose fire extinguisher is best for the home. A type "ABC" extinguisher rated at 2A-10BC is recommended.

How can I contact the Public Information Officer?

The Public Information Officer for the Mesquite Fire Department is Captain Kelly Turner. He can be reached at (972) 216-6349.

Smoke Detectors?
Smoke detectors are available to the public free of charge. This service is provided for any citizen of Mesquite in need. Fire Department personnel will install the detectors in your home. For more information please call (972) 216-6349.

Fire Inspections?
Fire inspections are initiated in any of the following ways: Request of the owner or occupant; Citizen complaint; Application for certain licenses or permits; Routine inspections. It is our goal to conduct a fire inspection of each business in Mesquite at least once each year. To request an inspection or register a complaint regarding a fire hazard, call the Fire Prevention office at 972/216-6267.

Plan Reviews?
For information regarding plan reviews and permits of fire protection systems, fire lanes, flammable liquid storage tanks contact the Fire Prevention offices at (972) 216-6267.

Can I get my blood pressure checked at the fire station?
Yes. Free preventive blood pressure checks are offered every day between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Remember, in case of any illness or emergency, please call 911.

How can I relay a compliment concerning the Fire Department?
For compliments concerning the Mesquite Fire Department, please contact the Fire Administration office at (972) 216-6267. Or you can visit the Fire Administration office at 1515 N. Galloway, Mesquite, TX 75149. The office is open Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

How do I become a member of the Mesquite Fire Department?
MFD Employment Qualifications