Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for the conduct of the financial activities of the City including Accounting, Purchasing, Collections and Treasury Management.

Finance Administration is responsible for the Treasury Management functions of cash management and investments including the Investment Policy and Quarterly Investment Report; management of the City’s bonded indebtedness program; banking agreements; and special financial projects.

The Accounting Division is responsible for providing a financial and reporting system required to safeguard and account for City assets and to record financial transactions in accordance with State law, the City Charter, City ordinances and generally accepted accounting principles. Financial records are maintained for general ledger accounts, payroll, accounts payable, cash receipts and bank reconciliation. Other financial functions include financial reporting including grant reporting, interim financial statements and preparation of the CAFR ( Comprehensive Annual Financial Report).

The Purchasing Division is responsible for the acquisition and sale of all materials, supplies and equipment used by all departments in compliance with State law and City Charter. This includes determining service needs, researching available products and services, developing City standards and specifications, and obtaining informal and formal bid quotations. This division is also responsible for General and Automotive Warehouses, Print Shop and Central Copy function.

The Collections Division is comprised of three sections-Property Tax, Municipal Court and Water and Sewer Utility Billing and Collection. The Property Tax Section bills and collects ad valorem property tax for both the City and Mesquite Independent School District. The Municipal Court Section is responsible for processing Class C misdemeanor citations issue by Police Officers, Code Enforcement Officers, Animal Control Officers and Fire Marshals. This includes maintaining all records related to these citations, processing payments, setting trial dockets, issuing subpoenas and issuing warrants. The Water and Sewer Utility Billing and Collection Section is responsible for processing meter readings, issuing bills and processing payments for water, sewer, sanitation and drainage utility customers. This Section also serves as the City’s central cashier.