Mesquite Heritage Trail

Mesquite Hike and Bike Trail


On July 30, 2007, the City of Mesquite submitted a proposal to the Regional Transportation Council (RTC) under its Comprehensive Development Agreement (CDA) Funding Initiative to construction a 4.4 mile hike and bike trail. The project was subsequently approved for and added to the Transportation Improvement Plan on October 31, 2008. The Mesquite Hike and Bike Trail, Phase 1 will be the first section of the City’s main hike and bike trail system.

City Council approved a professional engineering service contract on December 6, 2010 with David C. Baldwin Inc. for the preparation of construction plans. The trail will be 4.4 miles of 12-foot wide illuminated concrete sidewalk that starts at Towne Centre Drive and IH 635, follows the Oncor transmission line north to Northwest Drive, follows Northwest Drive north across IH 30, follows the westbound IH 30 frontage road east and terminates in the City of Garland at Greenbelt Parkway. No additional ROW will be required in that the trail will be within the existing City, TxDOT and Oncor Right of Way. The project will use the existing 5-foot wide sidewalks on the TxDOT bridges over Duck Creek and IH 30 at Northwest Drive. It will provide a multimodal transportation connection to the extend the Regional Veloweb System adjacent to the DART Transit Center in Garland through eight subdivisions, two City parks, three school and the Town East Retail and Restaurant Area.


Funding for the Mesquite Hike and Bike Trail project has been appropriated from Regional Toll Revenue (RTR) funds and Mesquite Quality of Life Corporation 4B Capital Project Budgets. The project is cost shared 80 percent RTR funds and 20 percent local funds which are estimated to be $4.7 Million.


This project is for the construction of Phase I of the Mesquite Heritage Trail which consists of approximately 4.25 miles of concrete trails and sidewalks, three trailheads, major intersection enhancements, one exercise station, one pedestrian bridge and other improvements. The trail starts at Towne Centre Drive and Franklin Drive and ends along the west bound frontage road of Interstate 30 just west of Greenbelt Parkway. The trailheads are located at (1) Americana Lane just northeast of Chisolm Trail, (2) the north corner of Galloway Avenue and Green Canyon Drive, and (3) on Northwest Drive just west of Via La Paloma. The major intersection enhancement is located at Town East Blvd. and Towne Centre Drive. The exercise station is located within Palos Verdes Park adjacent to the lake. The pedestrian bridge is located within Kimbrough Park crossing North Mesquite Creek behind Kimbrough Middle School and Beasley Elementary.

The contractor is 2CMD.

  • Pre Construction Conference held June 19, 2013.
  • Notice to Proceed July 2, 2013
  • Completion 300 Calendar days

April 10th, 2014 update

Items completed:

  • Concrete completed for segment B from Town East Blvd north to Galloway Ave (Except for ADA Ramp @ Galloway).
  • Storm sewer piping completed for segment D on storm sewer lines E, F, and G north of Via Avenida along with storm sewer line H, I, I-1, K, L and M in segment E north of Northwest Dr. (Final grading remains to be done).
  • Storm sewer pipe completed for segment A storm sewer line C (Under the driveway to the Town East Elevated Water Tank).
  • Concrete alley pavement relocation completed at the end of segment B at Galloway Ave. across from Green Canyon Dr.
  • Storm sewer pipe installation complete for segment A storm sewer line A north of Franklin Drive.
  • Pier drilling and concrete poured for piers completed at Trailhead #1 at Americana north of Franklin Drive and Trailhead #2 at Galloway Avenue and Green Canyon Drive.
  • Inlet boxes and pvc storm drain have been installed at Trailhead #3 at Pallos Verdes Park.
  • All Water and sewer services have been installed for the three Trailheads.
  • All underground electrical work at Trailheads # 1 & 2 completed.
  • Underground electrical work is complete at Trailhead #3 by Pallos Verdes Park.
  • Cement block has been completed at Trailhead #2 at Galloway and Green Canyon.
  • Existing brick wall at Northwest Dr. on the south side of I-30 has been demolished and removed.
  • Shade structures and exercise equipment is installed at Exercise Station by Pallos Verdes Park. (See photo)
  • Cement Block is complete on Trailhead #3.
  • Paving has been poured along Towne Centre Dr. from I-635 to Franklin Ave.
  • Colored concrete with rock salt finish has been poured at Trailhead #2.

Current items:

  • Lanes are being closed and work starting on crossings at Town East Blvd. and Towne Center Dr. (See photos)
  • Construction of Segment F along the westbound service road of I-30 continues. (See Photo)
  • Rock work is progressing at the Exercise Station, as well as sprinkler work. (See Photo.)
  • Sidewalk expansion has been formed and reinforcement steel has been placed on Northwest Dr. across I-30.
  • Stone work continues at Trailhead #2.
  • Electrical service and meter base has been set at Trailheads #1 & 2


  • Work at the intersection of Town East Blvd and Towne Centre Drive
  • Rock facing at the exercise station.
  • Construct handi-cap ramps on sidewalk along westbound service road of IH-30.


For questions concerning this project please contact
Matt Holzapfel, P.E. 972-216- 6353 or