Engineering Resources

The following documents are a comprehensive list of engineering-related guidance, plans, ordinances, forms, permits, and fees frequently used in preparing development and construction plans in Mesquite. Please contact the Engineering Division with questions on interpretation or applicability.

Engineering Plan Submittal Requirements Engineering Plan Submittal Requirement.pdf Oct 9, 2013 (301KB)
Engineering Plan Checklist Engineerng_Plan_Checklist_Revised_10-17-2012_versi
Oct 17, 2012 (45KB)
Contact Information Contact__Information.pdf Oct 1, 2013 (27KB)
Engineering Plan Changes After Release Eng Plan Changes After Release_2013.pdf Oct 2, 2013 (26KB)
Extension of Mains, Pro-rata & Oversize Cost Participation Extension of Mains, Pro-rata, Oversize Information
Dec 10, 2008 (96KB)
Building Pad Prep During Mass Grading Mass Grading Coord w Building Inspection.pdf Jul 9, 2008 (9KB)
Parking Lot Plan Checklist Parking Lot Plan Checklist.pdf Oct 30, 2008 (15KB)
Individual Single Family Lot Checklist Individual Single Family Lot Checklist.pdf Oct 30, 2008 (15KB)
Solid Waste Dumpster Pad 6 Pages Solid Waste Dumpster Pad 6 Pages.pdf Dec 16, 2008 (1.3MB)
Coordination between Mesquite and Sunnyvale Coordination between Mesquite and Sunnyvale 090622
Jun 22, 2009 (50KB)

Engineering Fees EngineeringFees.pdf Apr 3, 2012 (80KB)
Grading Permit Information Grading Permit Package 10-1-2012.pdf Oct 1, 2009 (245KB)
Impervious Area Form Impervious Area Form 3-26-2008.pdf Mar 26, 2008 (20KB)
TXDOT Driveway Permit TXDOT Driveway Permit.pdf Jul 2, 2013 (47KB)
Water Meter Fees & Map Document Water Meter Fees and Map - 2009.doc May 14, 2009 (1.45MB)
Record Drawing and Plat Requirements for Private Development Projects Record Drawings Procedures Private Projects.pdf Oct 3, 2008 (19.7KB)
Utility Availability Letters Procedure Utility Availability Letters Procedure.pdf Mar 20, 2009 (14KB)

Drainage Maintenance Agreement Drainage_Maintenance_Agreement.pdf Oct 28, 2008 (10.9KB)
Row and Easement Abandonment Procedure 6-6-2012 ROW and Easement Abandonment Procedure
Jun 6, 2012 (80KB)
Utility Easement Standard Wording Utility Easement Standard Wording.doc Jul 10, 2009 (25KB)

Pedestrian Bridge Rail BRIDGE RAIL.pdf Jul 8, 2010 (443KB)
Drainage Ordinance Complete 7-2-2012 DrainageOrdinanceComplete722012.pdf Jul 16, 2012 (6MB)
TxDOT PSET Headwalls TxDOT_PSET.pdf May 1, 2005 (792KB)
FEMA Floodplain Maps Floodplain Maps.pdf Oct 18, 2006 (40KB)
TCEQ Information TCEQ_website_hyperlinks.pdf Jul 2, 2013 (20KB)

Engineering Expectations and Guidelines Engineering_Expectations.pdf Mar 1, 2013 (80KB)
Construction Contract Checklist Construction_Contract_Checklist.xlsx Mar 1, 2013 (14KB)

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