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Tom Palmer
Manager for Economic Development
Phone: (972) 216-6340
Mobile: (214) 729-6142
E-mail: tpalmer@ci.mesquite.tx.us

Quick Facts
Top 15 Employers List
1. Mesquite Independent School District – 4,100
2. Town East Mall – 3,000
3. United Parcel Service – 2,350
4. City of Mesquite – 1,100
5. Eastfield College – 950
6. HMA Mesquite Hospitals – 700
7. Wal-Mart Supercenter – 510
8. Integra Color Group – 425
9. Baker Drywall – 400
10. Lineage Power – 310
11. Christian Care Center – 280
12. Dal-Tile – 225
13. Fritz Industries – 210
14. Pepsi Bottling of Mesquite – 200
15. Union Pacific Railroad Intermodal – 200

Attractions and Incentives


Mesquite has become a logistics hub for the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, but it also has its share of manufacturing and service-based industries as well. In eight years, more than 10 million square feet of manufacturing and logistics space has been constructed and leased to such companies as Georgia Pacific, Unilever, Benjamin Moore Paints and the A.H. Belo Corporation (The Dallas Morning News)

Attraction and creation by the City of Mesquite Economic Development Division is a matter of selling the strengths of the area and the community – business friendly elected leaders, location at the convergence of four interstate highways, more than adequate infrastructure and the use of tax incentives and infrastructure participation in incentive packages.


Mesquite offers selected industries incentives for the expansion or relocation of their business to the community. The offer of incentives is tied to an analysis of the impact on community services and to the goals of the community.

Triple Freeport
The City of Mesquite and the Mesquite Independent School District passed Resolutions of Intent in December 1998 to grant the Freeport Exemption. Formal action occurred in March 1999 and made the effective date of the exemption January 2000. This action established Mesquite as a leading Triple Freeport Community. The Triple Freeport exception applies to inventory that is warehoused at a particular distribution center or manufacturing facility in Texas for less than 175 days, then shipped outside the state. Such inventory is exempt from all city, county and school district taxes.

Tax Phase-In Period (Rebate)
The City of Mesquite may consider a tax phase-in period for projects. The maximum term for any phase-in period is ten years, but for qualifying projects, it is possible to renew or extend the period an additional term.

Infrastructure Cost Participation
The City of Mesquite will, as an incentive to a property owner or developer, give consideration to participation in the cost of water and sanitary sewer utility improvements, both off-site and on-site, required to serve an industrial or commercial park. The policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis and the project must meet the economic goals of the City.

2008-09 Tax Rate per $100 of Valuation
Mesquite Independent School District
Dallas County
School Equalization
Parkland Hospital
College District
TOTAL $2.6137