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DATE: July 22, 2005

TO: Building Inspectors

Building Inspection Division

All Builders

FROM: Building Official

RE: Foundation Sill Plate Anchorage

Recently our office has been contacted regarding the requirements for attaching bottom sill plates within the City of Mesquite and how it relates to policies followed in surrounding metroplex cities.

On June 6, 2005 the 2003 International Residential Code was adopted by City Council. Under Section R403.1.6 Foundation Anchorage for perimeter bottom sill plates shall be anchored as outlined.

Interior bottom sill plates shall be anchored as outlined in amendment R403.1.6.1. If treated materials are installed for interior sill plates the approved pin shots shall be used as outlined. If standard plate materials or installed for interior bottom sill plates any approved pin fasteners shall be used and spaced as stated in R403.1.6.1.