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Success Story - "Rebel"

This black Labrador Retriever was so active that nobody would look at her except to shake their heads! She was hard to handle and bouncing off walls, she couldn't be still for a single second. She liked to use her mouth a lot to explore her world and even though her intelligence shined in her eyes, I was afraid that we would have a problem placing her into a home. She was picked-up as a stray dog and was not wearing tags. She came to us on November 20, 2001, and on November 27, 2001, my fear became a reality when we had no other choice than to place her on the euthanasia list - the shelter was FULL.

Thankfully, a rescue group specializing in training bomb detector and narcotic dogs, came by the shelter and decided to take Rebel. Several months later, Rebel is living a happy, useful life as a bomb dog in New York! They say she is "awesome" and they are very proud of her! "You go, girl!"

Unfortunately, not all of our stories have such happy endings. In this case someone was willing to open their heart and home to Rebel, an unwanted animal. We have many pets that need homes and they are looking for special people just like you! Please visit our website at -- or better yet, drop by the shelter and take a look around. Your "Rebel" may be sitting there patiently waiting for you to arrive!