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Hi! My name is Tracy

Hi! My name is Tracy. I got lost one day and couldn't find my way home. I ended up in the Mesquite Animal Shelter and I was worried because my people were not coming to get me out. One family adopted me but brought me back saying I am "too hyper". Ha! Don't they know that young dogs, especially a Jack Russell mix have a lot of energy?? I guess they didn't do their homework. Anyway, they weren't right for me. I needed a family that could appreciate a cute young dog with energy.

One day a lady from Animal Allies of Texas came to the shelter to pick a dog to rescue and guess what? The moment we locked eyes she decided that I was the one that she wanted. It was love at first sight and I got a second chance at life. My file was stamped "expired" after all and I could have been euthanized at any time. The clock was ticking. She took me to the vet and got my vaccines, had me tested for heartworms, micro chipped and spayed. I am healthy as can be!

From that day on my life has been paradise. My rescue lady taught me things that I didn't know before, because no one had ever taken the time to teach me. Oh, I'm smart and I learned very quickly don't get me wrong. I learned good doggie manners and how to walk nicely on a leash for instance. You know, things that made me ready for a new home with wonderful new parents. And really, it didn't take long at all. After less than 1 month my foster mom found me the perfect home with people who have 5 acres of fenced-in land. I get to chase rabbits and squirrels…. WHAT MORE COULD A DOG WANT?? I even met a weird new beast they said was a turtle. I lost interest in him pretty fast though since he didn't want to play chase with me. I also have a brother who is a Jack Russell named Zeke. We have a lot of fun together running around.

Anyway, I wanted all of you people out there to know that YOU can make a difference in a dog's life. If you are planning to get a new pet please come to the Mesquite Shelter and adopt one of the wonderful, deserving animals whose only crime is not having a home. They are on death row through no fault of their own. Every breed of dog as been in the shelter at one time or another. Many are pure breeds if that's what you are looking for. Most end up there because someone did not take care of them properly, have a collar with tags on them, microchip them or look hard enough for them when they came up missing. Most are NOT in the shelter because there is something "wrong" with them or they are bad dogs. That is a total mis-conception. They may need someone to teach them some things, but that is easy to do and well worth it. Just look at me! I'm a success story, there's no doubt about it. My new family adores me and I love them with all my heart. You can give a dog a new life, too.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story!