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Success Stories - Toby

Toby is a long hair Dachshund mix (black and brown brindle) that Mesquite Animal Control Officers rescued while he was being attacked by 3 pit bulls. Toby is a beautiful dog with a soft, silky coat. Luckily he wasn't injured by the attack, although he had some scabs here and there and was afraid of my big dogs at first.

My husband and I sometimes foster dogs for a local rescue group called Animal Allies of Texas. I came to the Mesquite Shelter at the end of February to pull a dog to rescue and decided to pull Toby. His time was expired and he could be euthanized at any time. He was a little smelly so I gave him a good bath as soon as I got him home. Animal Allies of Texas paid for Toby's shots, heartworm test and de-worming. We also had him neutered, had his teeth cleaned and had a dog behavior expert come out to work with Toby and me. With a little bit of effort Toby's inner and outer beauty was shining through at last! He also had a new attitude and was recovering from the fear that he seemed to have since his attack. He was a healthy and happy dog! He seemed to be forgetting all of the trauma he'd gone through in the attack.

Well this story couldn't have a happier ending… Toby was adopted by a wonderful couple in Bedford last weekend who simply adore him . He is already their "little boy" and they love him like crazy. Happy endings like this are what keep animal rescuers going…. knowing that you are making a difference in an animal's life one at a time. Of course you wish you could help them all but you can't so you do what you can, when you can. Of course we miss Toby but we know that he is with a forever family and that was our goal all along. And of course Toby's adoption means that we can rescue another dog that otherwise would have been euthanized because of no fault of his own.

If anyone reading this success story would like to foster a cat or a dog please contact AAT through their website ( or contact an animal rescue group of your choice to make a difference in an animal's life. Yes, it involves work and commitment, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Dawn Robertson
720 Via Sevilla
Mesquite, TX 75150